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Our local expertise makes us the perfect partner to buy or sell a property on Maui.  We cater to clients that require discretion.



Hawaiian Management LLC is a Unique real estate brokerage on Maui. We bring years of on-island knowledge and relationships to every transaction.  Our extensive experience in vacation rental management is key for buyers looking to generate revenue on their Maui property.  Our principal broker is a fantastic negotiator and passionate about her transactions, while the entire Hawaiian Management team supports every transaction to ensure each step of a purchase or sale is optimized, marketed, negotiated, financed, and sold.   

Our agents and partners are experienced in winning with fast and clean offers, building a powerful supporting team of professionals behind the transaction— including attorneys, developers, and lenders who work tirelessly to create successful transactions. We make these deals with the goal of maximizing income and minimizing costs.  It can be done, and we know how.



Hawaiian Management works with cutting edge tools and on-island knowledge to help you find the property you want.  We can find that getaway you always wanted, a cash flowing investment, or your new Maui home.  We are dedicated to sharing our in-depth market knowledge with you to help guide you.  Our professional and timely work with other agents helps to ensure you see what you want and can act promptly.



We recognize the complexity of real estate transactions in today’s market.  Hawaiian Management understands how important clear and effective communication can be to the success of selling your property.  We work with each seller to optimize their listing. Researching comparable sales, taking into account the unique aspects of your property, and digging into our rolodex of potential buyers, you can feel comfortable that we are working to maximize your return.

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