About Maui, “The Valley Isle”

The second-largest island of the state of Hawaii is also one of its most fascinating, adventurous, and beautiful.

When it comes to visiting Hawaii, travelers face a challenge they don’t experience with any other state in the U.S.
— how do you choose which island to visit?

While each of Hawaii’s visitor-friendly islands offers its own wonders, Maui may be the most singularly unique island for travelers who want a range of experiences in a single trip. From its pristine beaches and striking wildlife to world-class dining opportunities and much more, there are surprises around every corner of this lush paradise.

What to Experience in Maui 

Want a taste of what to expect on the island of Maui? Here are just some of the highlights for which the island is known best.


Unparalleled Beaches
Each of the unique beaches spread across Maui’s coast has its own individual character and personality. Long, short, white sand, black sand, pebbles, giant surf, calm bay, snorkeling paradise, surfing waves, hidden away, easy access— Maui has them all. 


Outdoor Excursions
Maui is world-renowned for its stunning hiking trails, local farms available for tours, stunning golf courses, and a range of other outdoor attractions perfect for individuals and families.


Beauty and Adventure on the Water
Whether you want to surf the seas on a paddleboard, spend the day snorkeling for sea life, go fishing, or glimpse massive and beautiful humpback whales from aboard a boat, the waters of Maui are filled with opportunities for adventure.


Delicious Food Throughout the Island
From high-end fine dining at Mama’s Fish House, to casual and delicious local fare at every turn, your only challenge will be deciding where to eat!


Magnificent Skies, Morning and Night
The stunning sunrises and sunsets that can be seen from Haleakala National Park in Maui are renowned across the world— there’s a reason the national park is known as the ‘house of the sun.’  But you don’t have to climb 10,000 feet to experience the famous Maui Sunset – just walk outside.

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