Stay compliant with Hawaiian law while benefiting your property.

The law requires your property have an on-island representative.
Our team provides the local service you need.

Managing any vacation rental property at a distance can be a challenge, and properties within Hawaii come with their own unique challenges. This includes the legal requirement for an on-island personal representative.

Unfortunately, most national property management companies won’t provide this for you. You’re left to self-manage the property on-site, track down a caretaker or custodian, or identify a licensed real estate agent to manage the property.

Good on-island representatives must be familiar with state and local laws and the business of property management.

Check out our blog on Hawaii’s law requiring on-island representation
for all rental properties on in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Management Solution

By renting through Hawaiian Management, your on-island representation will be handled by a masterful team of experts who have full understanding of local laws and unmatched experience in property management.

We combine industry-leading technology, five-star customer service, and a turnkey, full-service approach that takes the stress of vacation property ownership away. Your property will be clean, optimized for profitability, and professionally managed.

After all, your property manager will often be the face of your property in your place.

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